Main Features

Phone Link combines an Alexa skill with an Android app. The skill talks to the app, and vice-versa, to enhance Alexa's abilities.


Ring Your Device

Can't find your phone or tablet, but know it's close by? Just ask Alexa to make it ring using Phone Link. Your device will ring even if it's in silent mode or has the not disturb setting turned on.


Locate Your Devices

If your device is lost and too far away to be heard, or you need to keep track of other family members, you can ask Phone Link for the location. You will get the approximate address along with a link to the location in Google Maps.


Make Phone Calls

You can ask Alexa to start a call on your phone. It will even turn on your phone's speakerphone if you don't have a Bluetooth connection.


Read Text Messages

Phone Link monitors your device's notifications for incoming text messages. You can then ask Alexa to read out your unread messages, or any messages in a time frame you specify.


Send Text Messages

Send text messages hands-free. Phone Link works with many popular apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, and SMS.


Get Notified

If supported by your Alexa device, you can have Alexa notify you when you have unread messages. When you see the notification light, just say "Alexa, what did I miss?"


Stream Music & Audio

Stream music and audio stored on your Android device to your Alexa device or app. Play by playlist, title, album, artist, or genre.


Great for the Car

Phone Link works with the Echo Auto and in-car systems, providing a safe way to send and receive text messages hands-free.


Great for Families

You can use phone link with multiple devices in your household. Just include the device's name in your voice command (e.g, "Ask Phone Link to find John's Phone"). Parents can use it to monitor the location of their children as well as the text messages they are receiving.


Private and Secure

Text messages and contact information are stored on your phone and nowhere else. Even when you ask Alexa to read or send a message, the message is routed between your phone and Alexa device without any storage occurring on our servers.


Phone link is compatible with all Alexa devices, including Echo speakers, Echo Auto, Fire TV, and Alexa smartphone apps such as Ultimate Alexa. An Echo Show 5 is shown below.


Start with our generous free plan, then upgrade if needed within the app. Upgrades are applied to all devices linked to your Google account.


  • 50 commands per month, per device
  • (A command is 1 phone call, location fetch, sent message, or set of read messages or played audio tracks.)


Montly Unlimited

  • Unlimited usage for a month
  • No automatic renewal
  • No advertising
  • Pay as needed


Yearly Unlimited

  • Unlimited usage for a year
  • Automatically renewed annually
  • No advertising
  • Cancel anytime

$4.99 / Year

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